Wednesday, 29 October 2008



The Sun and the Moon make love and the fruit of this love is little being, the light spirit.
From a clash of light – eclipse - the spirit is created; the light dissipates slowly to show him.

He has the wings as beam of light, where colors dance in a beautiful movement. By this stage he is still very much a spirit of light with just indications of his human figure.
He gets more human towards the end as he gets more and more involved with the creation.

He looks to both sides; all he can see is this empty space. He dives into the air flying with his hand creating the water. Cut to his hands and back to the water it self recently created, still calming down.
Putting his hands together he makes light, when he opens it, it is a fish, that jumps from his hands to the water.
The fish comes from sketch to full colored drawing while he swims.

With the hand together above the belly bottom he makes light again, brings it to his face and opens it. We see this little man, very simple shape. He shows him the water and the man dives into it. The man enjoys it for while but the man gets tired of swimming for long.

He creates the earth! With flowers and trees.
He draws it magically, from one hand it comes the flowers, from the other hand it comes the land and trees.

The Man swims to the shore and get to the land happily.
He creates the butterflies!
Butterflies flies over the man’s head. Close up on the man, sad and lonely.

The spirit of light creates the woman and gives to the man. The man gets extremely excited. We can see quickly man and woman in love, butterflies flying in couples and fishes jumping happily in two’s.
Cut to wide view of the world, more creatures start to appear – humans, buterflies and fishes. Camera view is wider and wider to stop over the spirit’s shoulder. They are multiplying so quickly that the shot is getting dark, as it is so many of them.

We cut to his face watching it. He turns to sun and moon and starts to push both to move around the globe, creating day and night. Like this, the TIME is created in the world. We see the man getting more and more curved with the passage of time (day/night/day/night). We cut to the man really curved and the spirit looking at him; accompanying close by the first star being formed.
When is finished the period of time of creatures in the world –when they die – they became stars going back to the sky.

We see a wide view of the world with stars going up to the sky, from the sea, the mountains and the sky. We cut to the spirit of light’s face and we see the stars going up through reflection on his eyes.

He flies over the world, now he is already becoming more human and less spirit. He dives into to the land to walk a little bit and shoots of to the sky again, creating the birds! He keeps flying through the world, now heading to the sky.
We now see him from the earth flying away to become the star that shines most in the sky: THE NORTH STAR.
Cut to the sky, with the North Star shining – we can see the little dipper and the big dipper - that points to the North Star - and the moon and stars.

End Credits

After the credits we can see a man and a woman contemplating the stars and the North Star that gives direction to all of us.

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