Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Animatics FINISHED!

... It took quite a while to finish the animatics, just because when I started working on it I felt like changing and improving most of the shots, camera angles and links between the scenes, so that I needed to make a lot of new drawings - character poses and environments - and apply them to see if it was working...! I felt this was a chance to explore After Effects a bit more, as I will need to use all this tricks in the compositing for the Final animation anyway.
Because I started it very polished i need to go until the end the same way... it took me around 2 week working on it full on...! But I feel the story has improved a lot.... Much better then the storyboard at the moment, more interesting. And I hope it is clear enough to understand the whole story without any explanation.
We have decided not to use Narration. We will use it only if the story isn't clear by itself, visually.
The Film is 3:52 minutes... which is quite long! and means more work... A LOT of work.

I hope everybody enjoys this animatics. Please leave your comment if you have anything to add.

Sorry it is squashed! The film is widescreen and it gets like this when i post here... I will fix it but meanwhile you can check it out.


  1. if you guys have any advice... please don't hesitate to say.

  2. it's looking really good Luisa

  3. I think its a wonderful peice of work. Well done. I look forward to watching it on a bigger screen. Keep up the good work.